Unfunded List Presents

A virtual symposium on

Inclusive Philanthropy

July 28th and 29th, 2021

Our virtual skills-building sessions will cover everything a grant evaluator needs to know, from basic nonprofit research to entity formation and tax reform to vanguards of the philanthropic landscape. Whether you have evaluated with us since the beginning or are just now getting interested in philanthropy we would love to see you there.

Each participant will leave with new skills and perspectives to aid them as we head into our Fall 2021 round of proposal evaluation.

Our mission is to educate the public about philanthropy and we want to include a wide array of participants. Attendees can either Join the Host Committee and invite guests from their network or be invited by a member of the host committee.

Join Host Committee: $100.00

Guests of Host Committee: Free

This event is also free for members at any organization that has received feedback from Unfunded List as well as Evaluators who have completed their reviews during one of the previous two rounds of feedback.

How to Participate

This will be a virtual symposium so all of our sessions will be presented on Zoom. We will also publish them on our website in the weeks following.

Each session will be captioned live as we make every effort to make our events as accessible as possible.

A small number of us will meet in person at the OpenGov HUB in Downtown DC. If you are interested in attending in person, let us know when you register.

What it Entails

Sessions at the symposium are organized to serve our community and designed in response to questions, reviews, and feedback that we have received from evaluators and applicants over the past couple years. The majority of our host committee, speakers, and panelists are current evaluators.

Our sessions are organized along three tracks

Track 1 – Listen

Nonprofits: Under the Hood

Wednesday, July 28th; 10:00am-11:00am EDT

We’ll take a look at how to research a nonprofit, whether you are reviewing a proposal, considering a partnership, or wondering how they spend their funds. Our founder will kick off the symposium by sharing what he knows and invite some of his friends to share their tips as well. What better way to begin an event than a deep dive into some 990s?

Moderator: Dave Moss

Common Grant Proposal Questions

Wednesday, July 28th; 11:00am-Noon EDT

Every grantmaker asks their own unique set of questions but after years of reviewing proposals submitted anywhere and everywhere, we have identified the 5 trickiest proposal questions. Are these questions traps to instantly disqualify applicants or are they excellent opportunities for organizations to make their case?

Ted Trevens, MBA Dynamic Solution Associates

Keesha Gibson, Gibson Consulting & Solutions, LLC
Marquetta D. Finley, Xtraordinary Business Consulting, LLC

Models of Social Formation

Wednesday, July 28th; 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

Unfunded List’s managing director walks us through over two dozen different models of social good formation. LLC? 501(c)(3)? S-corp? B-corp? 501(c)(4)? So many letters and numbers but what do they mean, what can they do, and how do you know which is the best fit for an idea?

Moderator: Margaret Chapman, MBA, Unfunded List

Track 2 – Learn

A Guide to Giving Vehicles

Wednesday, July 28th; 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

We will take a look at some of the most common charitable vehicles used throughout the world of philanthropy and fundraising. From foundations to checking accounts, from stock donations to DAFs and CLATs, we’ll go over how they work.

Dave Moss, Unfunded List
Doria Josma, Association of Black Foundation Executives.

Legislative Reforms for Civil Society

Thursday, July 29th; Noon-1:00pm EDT

We’ll hear from a panel of experts about recent bills that have had impact on the nonprofit sector and civil society at large as well as new and potential legislation under consideration that could have additional impact on everything from Donor-Advised Funds to how the IRS is funded to who is allowed to fundraise at all.

Maria Yuan of IssueVoter
Ian Madrigal of Project Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations

Alex Porter, Tax Counsel and Legislative Aide to Senator Angus King (I-ME)

COVID Contributions and the Post-Mask Ask

Thursday, July 29th; 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

This panel will feature Unfunded List evaluators who have chosen to make fundraising their profession. They will discuss how the work has changed over their careers and talk about the future of raising money. Fundraisers are sometimes misunderstood or even maligned. Collectively, the profession has raised trillions of dollars for nonprofits and social good causes. In a world where services and goods cost money, those with the skills to raise that money can have great impact at organizations doing good.

Moderator: George Tsiatis, The Resolution Project

Sarah McIntosh, Mary’s Center
Ashley Lahoud, Northside Center for Child Development

Track 3 – Speak

Feedback on the Feedback Session

Wednesday, July 28th; 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

An Unfunded List favorite. We invite those who have received feedback provide feedback on their experience. An evaluation of their evaluation, if you will.

Professor Jane Moss, MA, PhD
Dave Moss, College Graduate

Toby Norman, SimPrints
Tamar Kaprelian, NVA
Heather Morgan, Mary’s Center

Spring 2021 Process Audit and Meet the Board Session

Thursday, July 29th; 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

Unfunded List takes a pause after each round of submissions to take a look at what we just did. We often invite guests to join us and help brainstorm improvements for our next round (which is always right around the corner). We are excited this round to invite all of our Symposium guests to join our Spring 2021 Process Audit. Our leadership team will be joined by the Unfunded List’s esteemed board of directors who will be available to answer questions and talk about why they serve.

MarQuis Fair, Unfunded List Board of Directors
Mahrinah Shije, MBA Unfunded List Knowledge & Procedures Committee

The Unfunded List Board of Directors

Fall 2021 Q&A Session with Co-Review Partners

Thursday, July 29th; 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

Fall 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting and large round of review. Our biggest co-review partners have already announced their competitions and we’ll be reviewing submissions multiple challenges from SOLVE at MIT, as well as semi-finalist applicants from The Elevate Prize and submissions to Kettering Family Foundation as well as the Circle for Justice Innovations and the Next Gen Giving Circle.

Moderators: Margaret and Dave

Peter Williamson, Kettering Family Foundation and NGGC
Aleah Bacquie Vaughn, Circle for Justice Innovations
Noel Shaskan, SOLVE at MIT

About Unfunded List

Unfunded List, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit whose charitable mission is to educate the public about philanthropy.

Twice a year we provide candid and helpful feedback to grant proposals. We also write articles about grant-making and the nonprofit sector and interview philanthropists for our podcasts. We host events to provide in person education to our applicants and evaluators, as well as the philanthropy world at large.

At Unfunded List we believe that great ideas deserve great feedback and the funding they need to succeed.